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-mart we have very nice weather moving in. it's all starting this evening. take a look out there and we have clearing skies and temperatures cooling off nicely. just a few clouds across the maryland pennsylvania line. most of us see age nice night. temperature wise still above 80 in the city. most of maryland down in to the 70s. frederick at 70. humidity comfortably low around 44% downtown. we are talking about a nice day. hour by hour forecast through the day tomorrow. only into the 80s. nice ring to it. we will talk about it, how long this beautiful pattern holds upcoming up. >> all right. thank you. you know tough to turn down anything that's free these days but cap drivers in baltimore have a lot of resistance to the circulator, the free bus service. cheryl connor with the problem it's causing for them. >> reporter: business should be booming on a friday night but many tell me they have losing money or just barely getting by. they want the service stopped or made more competitive. get around downtown there are many options beyond the car. of course cab drivers happy to get business
, murky early on, then sunshine breaking through at times, then now things clearing out nicely. we have nice clearing from carol county inbound into baltimore and through anne arundel county. clouds are tough on the eastern shore and up through harford and cecil county. around 80 now. some 70s on the map toward came bridge and annapolis. mix of clouds and sun this evening, mild and breezy weather. nice and quiet on the range. a lot of sunshine and a big warm-up coming our way. >>> we've all hear about how useful phone phones and smart phones can be to organize your life. it helped a dallas, texas, man stop burglars are breaking into his home when he was 1500 miles away. the new iphone app which cost $5 sent vince hunt area text message that the motion detectors in his home were going off. he could check out webcams installed around the house. >> it was surreal. it really was. i couldn't believe that we could do this on our cell phones. >> dallas police showed up, guns drawn, the burglars were already scared off by the alarm system. police are trying to do what iphone already did which w
humidity on the bay, very nice, a 1-2-f [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to 100% fiber optics. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> coming up on 45:45 a 5:45. take a look at sky hd radar, not very eventful. there could be a couple of showers around washington county and algain' county. that will dissipate because the drier air is going to work from the north. you see more activity to the north but you can see in little more early showers there dissipating as we speak. this is the drier air that will be filtering in from that direction. we will be looking pretty good. starting out 76 degrees, we have a mix of partly to mostly cloudy skies, west winds at 88 miles per hour and the barometer is ú%sing. 70 is the dew point. it's still a bit humid for the time being but that will be dropp
was nice. temperatures were warm and humidity wasn't too bad. we'll have more humidity throughout the day. the temperatures are in the 70- degree range. again, we'll have showers moving into the region tomorrow. taking a look at the radar -- we have the showers moving in. they'll be here late tomorrow and high pressure is in control. we have a nice day shaping up and most of tomorrow will be nice. we're going up to 90 degrees and we'll have the forecast coming up. >>> first, here's what people are talk about. a baltimore county woman is laid to rest more than a week after set on fire and murdered. now, the police say that the person responsible is the person that lives next door. they've known each other for years. >> reporter: floors are near the home where the woman was beaten and set on fire. her body so burned that it took days to identify. >> she died of a tragic death and she didn't deserve it. >> reporter: friends and family gathered for the funeral and her killer lived next door, he's 19 and she had known him since he was a baby. this was also the neighbor. >> he didn't have a job
to focus on what i can do better and challenge myself to do better. it would be nice, it would be a great thing to know that everybody connected with the criminal justice system is doing that kind of interspection and saying, we all got to do better. >> i'm tough and i am smart. >> she's scene at a campaign rally and she's been the top prosecutor for 15 years and at times there's been tension with the police. and the media partner says that when the police do wrong, she responds. they call it an unprecedented event and they say it's the latest of the events by him. the campaign received reports of him in uniform trying tore cute support for the other campaign. it's her hope he'll leave the politics to others. >> and the commissioner isn't addressed this today, he's in uniform and he wants to maintain the distinction between the two. reporting live, i'm mike hellgren. >>> thank you, mike. the primary is september 149- and we -- 14th and we'll follow this story tonight and beyond. >>> it's still warm and it could be less humid. we're looking live outside right now. and it's more comfortable
ripkin. what an experience. >> best people in the world. all the players, nice to know you can visit other people in the world. >> reporter: for the next eight days 16 of the top teams will compete for the number one little league team in the world, all done right here at ripkin stadium. in aberdeen, don harrison. >> get this, you can catch all the exciting action at this world class event for free. the game is august 22nd at 3:00 p.m. >>> two airlines being sued over checked bag fees, they keep the fees even though they loose your bag. >>> and the latest shrinking products in the store. what you need to know. ? it's a celebration of everything tender smoky, smooth and spicey. that's on the menu at the big barbecue bash. >> mighty good food. 79 degrees today at pwi. a day in the 70s. nice break for us and the radar quiet now. will it hold off weekend long? ♪ [ mom ] walmart has low prices on not just a few things, but on everything on our back-to-school list. guaranteed. so we didn't have to shop around. that means we got home in time for just a little more summer. and for one la
. followed by a pretty nice saturday evening, followed by a prase nice sunday -- pretty nice sunday morning. there may be light patchy fog in a few locations. temperatures will be warming up. i wish i could tell you that the seven day outlook looks nice. it is not pretty, folks. we are looking at record heat again moving into the area. much more and all the details you need to know when 9 news now now returns. stay with us. >>> welcome back. six americans on a humanitarian mission are among the dead after a gruesome attack in afghanistan. an aid group says that ten people killed and spent weeks trekking from village to village treating about 400 people for eye disorders and other illnesses. they had no weapons or security guards. >> they're career missionaries. that's their home. the times they've been back in the u.s. have just been the brief times every few years to come back and visit churches that support them. >> a taliban spokesman says they were killed because they were, quote, spying and preaching christianity. the director of the aid group says their work was strictly humanitarian.
with collin, could be another storm deeper into the atlantic. about the nice improvement compared to two big round of storms. mostly d.c., route 50 corridor on down towards the eastern shore. all these blue dots representing wind reports. we had wind damage out of alexandria and through the heart of alexandria itself with 69 mile-per-hour winds. good thing we missed out on the storms that caused 75,000 power outages yesterday. complex of clouds this morning, just in response to the front. the winds will actually pick up, out of the northwest. we'll drop some clouds. 92 our two-degree guarantee. the sun comes back out. the humidity will fall and it'll be much more comfortable. near normal overnight. gets to us 65. upper 50s to low 60s outside the beltway on the west side away from the bay. during the day tomorrow, really nice one. sunshine, few mix of clouds, high of 87. we'll check out the rest of the forecast outlook in the next hour. 9:05, back to you. >>> bill gates and warren buffet have convinced 38 other billion billionaires to give-a-way half their wealth to charity. those who signed
, they have a while longer, 75 degrees today with plenty of sunshine. nice blue skies. beautiful here by this afternoon, mostly sunny. 91 degrees with a nice northwest wind about 15 miles per hour. it will feel a lot better and more comfortable. 94 it looks like. 90 on the beach. today looks good. northwest winds and waves only up about two feet. water temperatures, 83 degrees. the record high, 105 degrees. the record low, 61 degrees. the normal is 87. tomorrow, we will be rights on the money. about 87 degrees tomorrow with mostly sunny skies after a nice cool night tonight. a beautiful start, clear skies after 9:00 a.m. or so. it will be milder, 70 downtown. by this afternoon, a nice dome of high pressure will give us less humid commissioned -- conditions. things are going to be much nicer, while they are stuck in the heat and humidity to the south. tropical storm collin has reemerged. it is not impressive this morning. 50 mile per hour winds. it will not affect the east coast. it looks like it will rush by bermuda tomorrow with 65 mile per hour sustained winds. will brush bermuda. n
into the well has been holding nicely. there was even talk that the well had been killed once and for all periods that allen says, it is still a work in progress. >> the relief will be finished, how it's been is to be determined by risk mitigation. >> the government and bp have touted their relief well as the only permanent solution. the administration says its commitment to the gulf region does not end with killing the well. >> we still have oil to clean up. we still have an environment to monitor and measure. >> allen says an extensive ocean monitoring system is being set up to help detect any oil that remains on are below the surface of the gulf. the government's regional and said commander met with parish president in louisiana. >> there is no one plan that fits all. we have oil that is still in the marshes and it needs to be addressed. >> experts say restoration of the fragile ecosystem can take years or decades. >> president obama is heading to florida's gulf coast tomorrow to meet with business and tourism leaders. >> the ravens walk away with a 17-12 win over the carolina panthers
's long list of violations. >> and we have your forecast straight ahead. a nice start to the day, and why things could change. right now, it is 81 downtown. >> an update on the mass of eggs recalled. one of two companies involved has a long list of violations. now the owner is responding. >> we now know over a decade ago, iowa called one of these companies a habitual violator and prevented him from building any new farms. >> the owner of one of two companies with their eggs recalled have had violations and millions in find dating back to 1994. >> if a company is willing to violate all kinds of different laws, they are probably willing to cut corners when it comes to food safety. >> the company said sunday when issues are raised about their farm, that management had addressed them quickly and swiftly. two dozen families are suing the farm. >> none of our eggs are under recall. >> this morning, the faa has still not tracked hawaii down the source of salmonella. >> this salmonella is the most common kind, so it is harder to track down. >> if you are going to eat eggs this morning, cook them
with sandra shaw. >> a nice feel and the atmosphere for most of this week. plenty of sunshine today. it had low humidity. a nice dome of high pressure has set up shop. that will provide us with a nice dry stretch. right now, 79 downtown, 81 of the airport. you might want to take a light jacket tonight if you are heading out to the maryland state fair. it will get a little chilly out in the suburbs. 64 downtown. a constant across the stat -- across the state would be clear skies tonight. it is going to be beautiful tomorrow. warm and dry, a 79-84. it just depends on where you are located. today, we were 82 degrees. the overnight low at the airport is a 59. east wins on the bay. the waves are only a flood. the water temperature is right around 70. it is all about the high pressure. able to give us this nice, stable air pattern. it will also turn that monster correcting danielle to the east of bermuda. that is a good thing. take a look at how impressive career came daniel actually is. 135 sustained -- miles per hour sustained winds. that is a spectacular satellite image of that monster hurrica
. outside tonight, it is another nice night. we are getting into the time of august where we know that the summertime is on the wane. it is a nice, comfortable summer night. outside, our current temperature with a reasonable needed -- which resemble humidity is down to 77 degrees. in four weeks, our average height is 79 degrees. here we are in washington. nothing, nor where they'll be tomorrow, on doppler. the people in gaithersburg may seek temperatures in the lower 50's. 88 degrees here. look at what has been going on today. memphis is at 100 degrees. that ties a record high temperature. we have been having our hottest summer of all time. it is almost unrelenting. dow around dallas and into memphis, a lot of people are wondering if there is a change in the climate. we have heard about pakistan and the heat in russia. i put together a little blog. go to our new web site at and you will see a logtle feature and a bo about the weather. this is proving to be the hottest year ever. things will change as we get into november. meanwhile, it will change a whole lot tomorrow. it
] >> for us to do, it's an hon oar and what our jobs are. >>> a nice day today turning interest a nice evening. what can we expect though tomorrow? >> we've got a nice pleasant end to the weekend in store. into the workweek we've got some changes coming up. stay with us. i'm going to have a look at the full forecast and give you all the details after the break. -oh >>> the storm aftermath continues to cause problems across the area. a fallen tree trapped an elderly couple in their home this morning in colesville. pepco says the soaked ground can help uproot old trees. crews were able to pull the couple to safety. they're staying with relatives because their home is unsafer as you saw right there and from the tree of course. so will the nice weather for the storm cleanup continue? gwen is here with the forecast. >> i'm happy to say we do have a very pleasant day on tap for tomorrow. no storms in the forecast for tomorrow. the weekend ending very nicely. it's currently 77 degrees at national airport. we have 70 at frederick. 70 degrees at dulles and
of all kinds of good words today to describe the nice weather. 68 at reagan national. 62 at dulles. 60 at gurvir's house. frederick, 55 degrees so it is nice and cool across the region. as i mentioned, we're just talking about sunshine today. it should be all in all a nice- looking afternoon. let's push on and see if we can find some satellite-radar action. let's go right for the forecast. why look at satellite-radar when there is to look at. >> right. that was my thinking. >> oh, let's look at it all. we've got some heat on the way. we'll see that in a minute. >> thank you. >>> a deadly car crash in fairfax. it happened just after 10:00 last night. police say a woman was turning from lee highway when shives struck by another car. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. -- when she was struck by another car. >>> mission accomplished for president jimmy carter's trip to northee athis morning. he not only secured the release of a jailedded american, he also got the north creeps to return to talks over its nuclear program. he didn't immediate meeta with north korea's leader leading to sp
nice summer days today, i think, where you can enjoy things without the extreme heat or humidity and not that blazing hot sunshine we so often get in august or even july. we have had a very hot summer so far. 46 days where it has been 90 or better. today will be one of those. today we are in much better shape. this morning we have partly cloudy skies. no rain nearby. the closest, shower activity in virginia. a few spotty showers in the carolinas. that activity may throw clouds our way tonight. there is a cold front out in the midwest which will be coming in tomorrow or getting closer tomorrow. rain chances tomorrow do go up at the end of the day. i will detail all this coming up. >> our big story this morning, a close call for a 10-year-old maryland boy who survived a freak accident involving a stingray. >> it happened on vacation, and this morning quentin and his family are talking to our reporter. >> quentin tokar is one lucky young man. the 10-year-old from frederick county is recovering at johns hopkins children's center following an encounter with a stingray that almost kill
's nice and cool. >> not miserable. >> and tv and -- internet and air conditioning, mainly. >> reporter: the retiree lewis paley gave up on pepco seven years ago. he and his wife purchased an expensive natural gas generator that automatically powers most of the house when the lights go out. >> absolutely. absolutely. she would be sick. we would be in a hotel. she gets that and that stuff would be shot. >> reporter: he sent an, mail saying the electricity is more reliable in many developing nations than in the suburbs around d.c. and o'malley elaborated. >> all of the time from citizens. >> he wondered if pepco is spending enough. the pepco president conceded that because of the mutual aid agreements with other companies, pepco cut a number of the own crews over the past 10 to 15 years, but -- . >> do i want to put 100 extra crews on the street for this? one time or in this case, two, three times in a couple of weeks. i don't think that is a good use of resources. >> reporter: well, you heard it from the horse's mouth. the president of the regional division of pepco is not sure whether h
for the most part early this morning. then some sunshine breaking through this afternoon. we have nice clearing going on across most of the central part of the state including baltimore. some clouds across the eastern shore. there will be some clearing there toward sunset. we're at 80 at the inner harbor, 78 in annapolis. tomorrow you start off cool at 68, low as ain the afternoon. more sunshine tomorrow. low 80s tomorrow afternoon. cooler again, then a big warm- up. >>> a new leader takes charge of the historic senator theater and the former owner is not happy about it. >> shame on all of you. shame on you. >> no more business before the board. >> former theater owner tom kefauver showed his opposition as the deal went down. he lashed out at city leaders after they handed the theater over to a new team. before that was made official, he had some things to get off his chest. >> this is a fraud coming down. make your comment. >> trust me. >> very emotional for him. his family owned and ran the theater for 71 years. the new owners say they're like up a first run movie for next month. >>> an anne
for a comfortable ride home. patranya knows. >> it's a nice, dry, sunny commute home. that is the good news. but the bad news is we have quite a number of accidents. a lot of people trying to rush home to get to the nice weather we have out there. but be extra careful. if you got home safely, good for you. we'll look at backlog for the accidents out there. american legion bridge heavy in both directions and on the brakes to wisconsin. good news on 395, pace picking up nicely toward the mixing bowl. all lanes open on 95 as well. derek, back to you. >>> just ahead, caught on tate, spectators come face-to-face with a raging bull. >>> but first muslims practicing their faith near a 9/11 attack and this is nowhere near the world trade center. stay with us. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet absorbs and traps so much dirt you'll never go back to your old mop. [ funny voice ] hey, mop! wanna suck up dirt and grime like swiffer wetjet? then try the absorb-a-straw! now you're gettin' it. [ female announcer ] sorry, mop, but swiffer wetjet has a dirt dissolving solution and super absorbent pads that
and temperatures went up big time. mid 80s is where we ended up and still an awful nice evening in progress. take a look at the visible satellite view right now. you can see skies clearing up awfully nicely into the afternoon. a couple clouds well south of us down toward central virginia. maryland's most powerful radar, expecting those to stay well off to our south and we stay high and dry here in the baltimore area and across most of the state. temperature wise, 85 downtown. 83 annapolis and cooler on the shore, 82 there in cambridge. this everyoning, 80s, partly cloudy. mostly clear, as we go into the rest of the weekend, temperatures head down and they soar back up. we'll talk about that coming up. kelly. >> all right, thanks a lot, wyatt. >>> well baltimore city police are reaching out to hispanics targeted by criminals, republican delegate wants the state to crack down on illegal immigrants. as abc2 news reports, delegate pat says he is going to propose a bill in annapolis that would allow citizens to sue public officials who violate federal immigration laws. >> police officers here -- >>
for the riders. >> it would be nice if metro used the fare increases to improve the metro rather than what it seems to be just using it to fill their budget gap and they have a budget gap from poor management. >> also going up the cost of three metrorail passes. the weekly short trip passes now cost $32.35. weekly fast pass now costing $47 and transit lean card for riders is now $102. metro says the fare hikes are necessary to help close a $189 million budget gap. >>> it was a week ago tonight that hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were in the dark following a violent storm that knocked out power in this area. for some small businesses in downtown silver springs, the black dwrowt lasted for almost the entire workweek. it was their second major blackout this year and this second blow may have been the final one. >> reporter: for four days invogue hair salon was in the dark and the owner told her staff to not come in because they had no electricity. >> we haven't been able to open or do anything. >> reporter: the business lost over four days following last week's storm. compounde
run in the family. kim? >> well, we had a pretty nice august afternoon. a little cool for august standards. can we do it again tomorrow? i have the details coming up. >>> and coming up in sports, the nationals are optimistic they'll sign their top draft pick, a guy not named tiger or phil lead the way at the pga championship. plus, the nfl preseason rolls on. a full serving of highlights when news 4 at 11 continues. [ malantiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to 100% fiber optics. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. visit >>> smokers may soon have to kick the habit if they head to the beach. leaders in ocean city are talking about making it smoke-free. they say they've taken complaint from residents who are tired of tiptoeing over cigarette butts but the mayor tells the democrat march va
in the low 80's. wednesday, thursday, friday look nice. i think it will get hot again next weekend. expect a high of 91 on saturday. back to you. >> bp is beginning another round of delicate work on the oil spill. on to the supervision, they're preparing to remove the fill the blowout preventer. this could provide critical insight into what went wrong. federal officials are being careful. >> bp has submitted a plan to relieve -- remove the failed plot preventer. investigators are eager to inspect the massive device, but national incident command thad allen says crews are taking every possible precaution. >> we are moving cautiously. >> they say the bill up for an inventor can be removed with minimal risk. a so-called fishing procedure will lift the fracture pipe or part of the pipe will help investigators learn more about what went wrong. even as crews tried to close the well for good, researchers are still trying to assess the damage. they announced their crews have found a massive cloud from the spill, more than 0.5 miles from the surface is more than 1 mile wide and stretches 22 miles.
it is going to be nice and clear. outer loops are looking incident 43 so it should be an easy ride push to townsend. traveling from knife to 83 11 minute riie with average speed of 54 miles per hour. west side clear from 7 navy to 95 and looking at 11 minute trip with 55 miles per hour speed and northeast corridor of 95 is nice and mostly clear from white marsh to the belt way lacking at 4 minute trip with average speed of 54 miles per hour. that is the traffic edde report. back to you. >>. >> very scary. my knees are still shaking. >>reporter: mother nature delivers a 1-2 punch with powerful winds and pounding weather madness and afternoon full of tornado warnings. this morning for many of us the rain still falling as people continue to clean up prosecute from yesterday wicked weather. storms left a trail of damage. megan live in fells point with look at how things are out there. good morning megan. >> good morning patrice. less than an hour ago the rain coming down right now. pretty clear at least crossing my finger right now. dreary start to the morning but much bet than i
will here in baltimore. western maryland will clear out nicely as we head on hrough mid-morning, the temperatures will get to upper 80s through this afternoon. once we ggt through the dense fog this morningg we will start to see sunshine this afternoon. 88 for the afternoon high and winds out of the north and a lot of sunshine in our extended forecast and showers too, to talk about in a little bit. roads if the fog is caussng any problemsment here is lauren cooke with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank youu the problems out there.bility fortunately we're not dealing with any prrblems at the harford road you can see the cars are moving on the inner and outer loop lanes, you're lookth at an 11-minute ride. the west side from 795 to 95, we're looking at an 11-minute ride with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. there's no problems to report from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway, you're looking at a 4-minute trip with an average speed of 54 miles ppr hour. that's the traffic edge report, patrice, baak to you. >>> 5:31 now on fox 35 early edition. we're llarning more
to talk about what was a pretty nice day out there temperature-wise. fret rick pretty hot, 90, inner harbor 85, annapolis 82, d.c. to 85 and came bring also lacking on the pleasant side at 82 degrees. take you out a little while to perspective to see the satellite view. you can see clouds draped across the southern part of virginia. few additional clouds there today but most of us actually relatively career, as we take a quick check of maryland's most powerful radar you can see five sweeps all clear here now. we expect to stay rain free for several days as we move forward in time. with that in mind let's take a look at the evening forecast. temperatures are going tampa bay generally running thin through the 80s, sunny and warm conditions and certainly a very nice august whether pattern. again, we'll talk about how long this holds up and what your complete weekend looks like. that's coming up plus more news straight ahead. stay right here. . >>> a self defense class teaching victims to go on the offensive. but can they hurt you before the mindset lands you in hot water. >> it's the e
time soon. >> reporter: the library or excuse me, media center is so nice that kids were reading books in it several days before school starts. every room has blackboards but no one's going to use them because every classroom also has something called an interactive white board. >> it is an easy moat rater and captures the students' attention as well as get them ready for the ever changing global society that we live in. >> reporter: it's got a green roof to produce storm water runoff and top notch music department. >> i have a collection of instruments that would take years to get and normally they get their hands on it the first day. >> reporter: all signs port toward success. >> the kids are all charged up, and the parents are so pleased and so happy. >> reporter: county officials admit there is much more work to be done because they are celebrating a few mile as way and lutherville at hampton university, they are just waiting. there are eight portable classrooms. kathy ford leads the group that pushed for the construction of west towson elementary. while she's pleased her third gra
so a nice start on your early-morning commute. right now all the approaches to the bay bridge look good, same thing on the span. they picked up the roadwork on the upper deck. golden gate bridge, we have roadwork in both directions of 101 through rohnert park but that should be wrapping up shortly. and they just did the lane changes on the golden gate bridge so nice easy ride from marin into san francisco. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> so it was nice on sunday. >> it was nice on sunday. sunday was definitely the better of the two weekend days. out the door this morning, low clouds, patchy fog, that will be the drill inland, for the bay and the coast, with some drizzle out there this morning. later on today, more sunshine, a mix of sun and clouds, along the coastline, mix of sun and clouds at the bay, and still pretty mild inland. minor changes in the forecast tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and we are cooling down yet again friday, saturday, sunday. so the weekend was not a slam- dunk but we scored a couple of runs. >> back to yo
of a new iphone 4 because they get the price cut from at&t. everybody is nice and happy. >> thank you, scott. >>> a mosquito spraying under way in parts of contra costa county it is scheduled to take place at nights and until 6:30 this morning depending on the weather. >>> it is 5:07 now. today bicyclist also rally outside a san francisco arco station to protest its ties to bp. today's rally marks the 11th straight week that the activists gathered at the station. this is video from a similar rally back in june. the mta painted bike lanes in the area green, but protesters say the paint job has little to curb conflict for cars lining up for gas and bicyclists riding by. >>> a major change for your commute into san francisco. starting tonight at 10:00, beal street between howard and folsom will be shut down to traffic until 5:00 monday morning. during that time, the beal street ramp will be demolished to make way for the new transit center. >> now time too check the commute with mike. >> you talked about that construction zone. i wanted to show folks where that is in relation to the skyw
to check in with kris in for rob. >> we expect a nice day. patchy low fog to start off. but we have this area of high pressure bringing this picture here. that's because it's shoving the nasty cold weather and cold air off to the east. we are left with this. we see some patchy fog, squished in parts of the bay area, those will disappear. there's the high pressure we were talking about. looking at your 8:00 forecast. patchy low clouds and fog to start the day. you saw that beautiful sunrise. sun is not up completely yet. by noontime, we expect breezy conditions. so, make sure that you button your sweater. 77 in san jose. 76 in fremont. by 4:00, some warming trends. it will be a nice day even along the coastline. in san francisco, the area is expected to be cooler. nice and warm out in the east bay. 88 for concord. 89 in fairfield. here is the seven-day forecast. still warmer tomorrow and warmer into thursday. then cooling for the weekend. brent and laura? >> thanks, kris. >>> the nation's growing waistline gets some attention from the military. how boot camp is adjusting for new, hea
. very nice. the average is 83 degrees for your daytime high. clear and tumpfortable tonight. 83 degrees. that is all below the average. then 96, 95, 95 and 92. that 96 on monday is conservative. we could easily be at 98. if we're at 96, the heat index is close to 100. >> because of the humidity. >> because of the humidity. >> it is back. >> it is back, definitely. >> thanks. >>> still ahead on news 13 saturday morning -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back to news 13 saturday morning on this saturday august 28. looking at your ocean city forecast. we just talked about how the swells from daniel could cause rip currents and higher surf for ocean city and the degree beaches and the new jersey shore as well. keep an eye on the waves and the lifeguards. the water temperature in the mid-70s. today's high, 82 degrees. tomorrow with a good bit of sunshine through the weekend. temperatures go up to about 86 down at the beach. for the rest of us, 86 degrees. the five-day forecast is coming up. >> thank you. >>> first, back to some of the other top stories people are talking about. a dangerous
. san diego puts together a nice, long drive of their own, billy volek finishes it off with the quarterback sneak. >> greg: ramsey, going to throw from deep in his territory. got it. inside -- just outside the 40 yard line. tyler lorenzen, first year receiver out of connecticut. >> dan: you know patrick ramsey wants a chance to show that he can put a little more of a spiral on the football than he did with that interception. >> greg: hurry-up offense by the saints, the give to deshawn wynn. and you saw those stats. >> dan: the saints have over 500 yards of offense in this game. pre-season game or not, norv turner and his defensive coordinator ron rivera are not going to be happy about getting tattooed for 500 yards. pre-season or not. that's unacceptable. >> greg: on second and six, ramsey. that's complete to roby, across midfield, inside the 45 to the 44. that's a first down for new orleans. >> dan: there is so much pride on this offensive unit of the saints. there ought to be pride, are you the defending champions, you have super bowl rings and everything else. drew b
. >>> will the nice wert stick around? we have the answer and the forecast. >>> nor more putting off. prostate screenings being offered for free in baltimore city. >>> good morning and welcome to the news. >>> temperature's close to 70 degrees. >>> good morning. not too muggy and humid. it has been a comfortable day and today will be like yesterday was. temperatures are comfortable. we're looking at a nice day. take a look, how the graphics are set up. storms moving in by midweek and it will get hot. add the pattern, the heat and humidity. the storm potentials for the next few days we look for a nice stretch. 92 in the area. lows around 70. and our forecast coming up. >> thank you, tim. >>> taking back their neighborhood, police and neighbors in the charles village area are working together tofigure out how to improve community safety. this is after a resident was stabbed walking home. we have the story. >> this resident stops at the shrine where a murder victim was killed. >> i pictures myself in his shoes, i did research and i can picture myself in the same situation. >> reporter: it is a d
at the jefferson memorial. we are off to a nice start today that yesterday saw pretty good temperatures even though it was a little bit cloudy. i'm gurvir dhindsa. wanted to say good morning to my friend tucker barnes, who is back from a well deserved vacation to find out about our day today. >> cloud cover kind of breaking up out there. we'll see sunshine today. could be a couple brief showers as we kick off the morning and then again this afternoon. i think it will be a better day than yesterday, more sunshine and a little warmer as well. you can see on our ht radar, a few sprinkles down south and west of fredericksburg. but on this system, a mix of sun and clouds out there. light shower activity around an area of low pressure there generally drawing moisture down toward virginia beach. the trend will be to bring the rain showers south of us and work up the coast. all right. not a bad start at all. 67 in washington. 65 in ocean city. # 4 in frederick. hour high temperatures later today warmer than yesterday, 75. 82 for an afternoon highway mix of clouds and some sunshine breaking out during the c
news would be nice. now in the meantime, the dow stands at 9985 after dropping 74 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq lost 22 and the s&p 500 was off by eight points. >>> american airlines says it's going to fight a record fine proposed for safety violations. the faa wants the airline to pay $24 million for what it considers improper maintenance work years ago on essentially all of its mcdonnell douglas jets. >>> download a movie right to your iphone? you bet. netflix has rolled a new app that puts movies on your phone for $8.99 a month subscriptions. netflix has been streaming to pcs and gaming machines for months, this app is free. >> a big screen movie right there. what do you have for us next half hour? >> we have our money saver for today. today we're looking at an online yard sale if you will, where you can swap for free. >>> very good, thank you. family members of the victims killed in last year's metro's red line crash will have to wait even longer for their day in court. a trial in the lawsuit has been pushed back to january 2012. it was scheduled for september of next
a check on weather and traffic on this friday. >> we are in for a beautiful weekend. it is a nice change from this past week. we're finally going to get rid of the humidity by this afternoon. we have not seen the dew points drop in baltimore yet. we are stuck in the mid 70's right now. we will see a high of about 91 degrees with mostly sunny skies. the wind will pick up and it will clear all that cubit air out -- clear all that humid air. 64 tonight. 70 downtown. mostly clear skies. upper 80's on saturday. it will be a nice weekend. we deserve it. >> just a few things we want to mention. busier than a normal friday morning. we do have a water main break. use selma avenue. this has caused was bound to be shut down. two-way traffic on the eastbound lane. you lose a lane in each direction. in catonsville, there is an accident on rolling road. there's also an accident on lafayette avenue. southbound 295 has now cleared. that is good news if you head down to washington. live drive times looking pretty good. this is a live look at maryland 424. do have the report of an accident on westbound 50
real estate to the west. that indicates a nice saturday morning. temperatures are cool. 61 in western maryland. 71 at ocean city. 82 in virginia beach. the cooler air is moving in our direction. that 81 degree reading in downtown baltimore will likely translate to the low or upper 60's by dawn. that will be for tomorrow morning. you can see the cool, dry air coming out of the northern great lakes. a storm out of canada is drawing that air mast out. for the time being, the hot weather will remain bottled up until the middle of next week. 84 2 a.m. tomorrow. next day to be on the beach tomorrow. in west -- a nice day to be on the beach tomorrow. the same scenario for sunday, out west. around the bay, 87. a nice day on the chesapeake. down to ocean city -- 88 inland. 81 on the beach. 83 on sunday and monday. the only glitch is the moderate risk of recurrence because of tropical storm colin. the storm will stay to the east, but it will be strong enough to pick up by high surf. if you're going to ocean city, the weather will be nice, but the occurrence might be tricky. the storm is 250 mil
right, gary mcgrady, it's nice outside today, and you're going to tell us how nice it's going to be this weekend. >> could be really good tomorrow. >> you know i got to get the kids this weekend. >> you're driving on sunday, will be in the nice cool air conditioning. sunday is when it's going to start getting hot around here. >> and when they get back, that's when the kids are going to be hot? >> i hate when i say this, but next week looks -- i don't want to say heatwave. >> you got to say it. >> any type of heatwave. she doesn't like it when i say that. but anyway, it is going to be hot next week. it's going to be unusually hot as temperatures go up into the mid to upper 90s. again, that's next week. let's enjoy the weekend, shall we? like we enjoyed today? like we enjoyed this evening. temperatures pretty good, sitting in the 70s now, some 60s too. highs today for reagan 83. let's see where it is right now. bwi 67, dulles 69, and here in the city, at national, wee we're down into the 70s, 73 degrees. fredricksburg has cooled off to 69 degrees and upper 60s to lower 70s along
he was a baby. >> he was a nice, kind, respectful young fellow. >> this afternoon, friends and family gathered at robinson's funeral to say goodbye to a woman who was so loved and loved in return. >> she was a very happy person. she was very nice, pleasant, well mannered. my heart is at ease right now, and i thank god for them catching whoever did this to occur. she died a very tragic death, and she did not deserve it. >> an autopsy revealed that robinson had some facial fractures and bruises. at this point they are not sure if she died before or during the fire. >> an update on the crash on the bay bridge were brought u.s. breaking news earlier today. one man remained in serious condition. he was airlifted to a hospital after his car collided with a mack truck. the lap belt span of the bridge was shut down as crews cleared the scene and police investigated. >> tonight at 10-year-old boy is recovering after someone opened fire on a group of people late last night on north lakewood ave. someone started shooting at a group of people just sitting on a porch. the child was hit in the hand
, patrice. 24 hours ago we were dealing with the heavy rain. not the case this morning. it's a nice morning out there as far as i weather is concerned. we dealing with the fog. 45 degrees and winds are calm and that is aiding in the fog development out there. the humidityyis at 82% and thee3 dew point prettyyhigh at 68. here is what we're dealing with over the next few days. patchy morning fog. today that will burn off by midday and we will finish off the week with lenty of sunshine. clearing out this afternoon and the later part of the week looking really nice. we will have storms to deall33 with, they will be coming in on sunday. the half of the weekend will look great.3 the other half you may want to spend inside. there's the low pressure that that is sitting off the coast that brought us the rain yesterday up to 2 inches in parts of ann anne arundel counn. today the different story. what it means for us is we're iú the cooler sunnier portion of the air mass and it will stay that way for a couple of days. the high pressure is starting o stay on top of us and the winds are coming from
. that high pressure is going to bring us a nice and you can see the line of showers dissipating as it moves into west virginia.3 today a nice day a little breezy at times with a northwess wind at 5-10 miles per hour. ú% will take a look at the weekend forecast what it will shape up for hh maryland fair in just a bit. right now we are oing to cheek on the roads with lauren cooke. >> rrporter:: we have an of route 295 at interstate 195, and we are dealing which shooting in west baltimore it just happened and it's shutting down connecticut avenue at deaner place. you want to uue frederick avenue as an alternate route. if you're traveling on corridor of 95, there's no problems to tell you about. this is going to be liberty road. this area of the beltway is going to be nice and cleaa as well. yoo're looking at an 11 minute ride along those routes. from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway 4-minute ride with an average speed of bower miles per hour. from the harbor toll to 95, you are looking t an average speed of 53 miles per our. patrice, back to you. >>> thank you, lauren. >>> fox 45 early
on the bay. i think the clouds break up, light southeasterly wind, and then at 10-15 knots on sunday. a nice weekend for a change, and everybody can recover. >>> that is a good thing, because there is increasing frustration from a lot of people waiting for their power to come back on following last night's intense storms. about 14,000 people are still in the dark, most of them in montgomery county. rebecca cooper is live in silver spring with more on the damage. rebecca? >> cynne, we are down the street from the elementary school, and this is some of the worst destruction we have seen. i spoke with a police officer who was here when the storms moved through. he said it felt like the force of a tornado. in silver spring, the force of the wind that came through yesterday morning is still evident everywhere. >> there were liked mini tornadoes coming through. we could see the wind going in a circle. >> nearby columbia pike has reopened. yesterday, dozens of trees were down across the busy street. at least 15 cars were pinned underneath. pepco crews in teams from as far away as ohio are working a
toward sunset. nice sunset but look overnight there are clouds moving in from out of the west. couple stray showers down in southern maryland but those have pretty much peteredo. tighter temperature wise. mid to low 70s. well on our way into the 60s overnight. some spots already down to 60s. tomorrow climbing out of the 60s. back up in to the mid80s by lunchtime. then another cool front. that will drop us down in to the 60s and eventually the 50s tomorrow night. there is a big warm up on the way. when this august is back in the picture coming up. >> baltimore county police need your help trying to find a man they say robbed a home of several guns and a grenade. the 32-year-old and another suspect forced their way into the home in the 6800 block of west ridge road. police say they beat up the owner and took his cash, jewelry and several guns. >> it appears that the victim was a collector of firearms and he had the firearms in his house and apparently there were other people who knew he had them in his home. the police investigation. >> four other people have been arrested in the cas
. >> if my daughter even got a hint they were going to take these in and make them into a nice dinner that would be the end of the world for her, she is 5. >> reporter: jeff haeger, abc 2 news. >> now ward plans to appeal the westminster common council to amend the code when it meets on monday. >>> weather watch today, things quieting down nicely out there for us, all that rough weather shifting south, okay, that's why we had the sunshine back and forth after some morning fog and morning cloud cover burned off by about lunchtime. a couple of showers still pep peter forsberg virginia and down through the norfolk area, none of that for us, as a result temperatures soaring back in the mid-80s, feeling a lot more like summer, why not, 82 in annapolis, 82 in frederick. we stay in the 80s for a couple more hours. sunny and warm. you have to call nice warm weather but that's going to change as it always has, this summer we're going back into some hot sunny weather, we'll have all those details oming up. rosy. >> the governor says the final push to plug the bp oil bella soon begin sometime af
of regularity because of the high heat we are dealing with but today a nice break and without the high temperatures the severe weather threat is about nil around here. here's live doppler 9000 hd. some rain to our northwest and south. i want to show you what is happening. here in washington, we are in good shape for the next 20 minutes or so but some showers in fairfax county. those are moving to the north and east and south of fredericksburg. it has been raining heavily. most of the showers are light. and they are not moving much. we will see more showers during the afternoon. now, one thing that i want to tell you about, the temperatures. because with the showers around, with the cloud cover, and with easterly winds the warm spots are only 80 degrees down in southern maryland. up to 78 in reagan national, but still only in the low 70s in winchester and culpeper. we've got the rain around now. the cooler temperatures. as far as the weekend is concerned, it will change a bit. back to normal by the end of the weekend. i will have the details of that forecast. for the short term anything
, indeed. a nice quiet run in the cloudy cool drizzly weather. and i was like, finally. it feel like a september preview. a welcome reprieve from the heat and humidity and the severe weather we've been coping with for much of the last two weeks. outside, a thick overcast. the temperatures at national airport hasn't even made 80 degrees which makes it our coolest day since june 9th when we had a high temperature of 86. we may still get to 80. we'll see. boy, is it nice outside. culpeper, 66. in the upper 70s around town. no heavy rain out there but a couple of spotty showers. a few rain drops toward fredericksburg. no severe weather is expected because of all the louds. the temperatures will stay in the mid 70s. welcome to the marine layer. an east wind coming off the ocean. a nice wedge of cool air, nice, feels good outside. the clouds and the drizzle, they're going to linger around for much of the friday evening. limited weekend sunshine. we'll talk more about that and talk about the rain chances coming up in a few more minutes. >> thank you. >>> the man accused of stabbing 18 peopl
and 10, mcnabb looking down field, and who's got armstrong, makes a nice adjustments, holds it in for a 45-yard game but no score but a field goal to give a 3-0 lead. cell us was forced to leave the game with a left knee injury. later in the second quarter, tied up 3-3. donovan mcnabb drops back, has time and throws deep to santana moss who's in double coverage and that ball intercepted by terry williams. he takes it all the way to the redskins' 37 yard line. that's one donovan would like to have back. two plays later, a nice catch but look at hall and landry all over him, the ball comes loose, landry kicks it up and fletcher recovers a fumble. sometimes it pays to be one of the short guys on the field. mcnabb was pressured several times. mcnabb limps noticeably after this, but he's tough. next play. second and 23, mcnabb cool under pressure, he dumps it off to santana moss. he takes it 26 yards for the first down, moss four grabs for 79 yards, mcnabb 11 of 26 for 206 yards. trent williams, by the way, got a right elbow contusion. the redskins fall to the ravens 23-3. >>> an
and called police. >> she was a very nice and kind person and i don't know whatever would have led to this to happen to her but it's just a tragedy. >> reporter: loudoun county investigators have interviewed members of the family. no one is in custody at this hour. derek. >> surae, have they talked about causes of death in either case? >> reporter: they say there was trauma to the body but they are waiting for a completed autopsy and that could take three or four weeks from now. they are waiting on that to find out if the body was dumped there or if she died there at the scene. >> surae chinn live. thank you. >>> relatives of a virginia man who went on a shooting spree say he had warned of the rampage. charles sten ogle shot and killed his relatives before being killed in a shootout with police. two of the relatives now say he told them in the days and months leading up to the violence that, quote, he was going to kill a bunch of people. authorities believe this started over a dispute of family property. >>> some d.c. residents had an unpleasant awakening this morning, waking up to
to crank up the ac. here's a look outside. pretty nice day today. it was warm, reached into the low 90s pretty much everywhere across our area. plenty of sunshine today, low humidity. it made it very, very comfortable, still comfortable outside right now. we're looking at patchy fog that's going to develop in the overnight hours, into tomorrow morning. could affect parts of your early morning commute, then burned off fairly early. plenty of sunshine ahead in my forecast, i'm happy to say. temperatures rising, but we are really going to see a bit of a heat wave. you'll want to make sure you're ready with the ac. we are talking hurricanes. earl has become a hurricane from this morning, when it was just a tropical storm. things have really progressed with it over the course of the afternoon, into this evening. we'll talk about that as well. let's begin now with a look at where we stood temperature wise with our almanac. 92 degrees at national airport. 91 at dull dulles, same at baltimore. temperatures now into the upper 70s, into the mid range of the 60s currently. 78 degrees at national
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